Here at Kala King Chocolate, we’re often asked what our favourite desserts and chocolate are. It’s a very good question as there are so many delicious options to choose from! And if there is something different we fancy trying, or a client asks us to create a bespoke dessert or chocolate for their event, we love nothing more than heading into the kitchen for a few hours and coming up with something both unique AND scrumptious.

There are, however, a few items we particularly enjoy and delight in creating for guests, friends and family. Read on and be tempted!


Tropical Delight Éclair: is there anybody out there who can resist an éclair? We thought not! This tropical take on a traditional chocolate topped and fresh cream-filled éclair features layers of tangy mango confit, a sweet passion fruit crémeux and coconut ganache. Each éclair is topped with crunchy, toasted coconut flakes and every bite is guaranteed to transport you to the shores of a far-flung, exotic beach!

Creamy Sweetcorn & Peanut Dacquoise: sweetcorn in a dessert we hear you cry? Oh yes, and it’s a taste sensation not to be missed! A dacquoise is a French dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue and whipped cream on a buttery, biscuit base. In our version, we create a peanut dacquoise layered with creamy sweetcorn and crispy feuilletine with toasted sesame seeds and a pandanus mousse. A pandanus (or pandan) is a tropical plant often referred to as a screwpine. It delivers a rose-like, almondy, vanilla flavour and is totally moreish.

Both of these desserts are a twist on Malaysian desserts and, once sampled, will undoubtedly end up on your list of sweet treat favourites too!

Opera: Opera cake is a rich French dessert and is Kala’s all-time favourite dessert! Staying true to the original, our Opera is a truly indulgent delight with tiers of Joconde (almond flavoured sponge) soaked in coffee syrup each layered with ganache, Italian meringue coffee buttercream and covered with a chocolate glaze. Irresistible!


Chocolate today is so much more than a choice between milk, dark or white. Chocolate comes in all sorts of flavours and textures and we have conceived a wide variety of different chocolate to suit all types of taste buds and palates. Some of our favourite creations include:

Chocolate in cashew praline and cara crakine

Beetroot Truffles

Raspberry Balsamic

Spiced Pineapple & Rum

Sesame & Coconut

Coffee & Cardamom

If there is a chocolate flavour you’d like to try or create, please get in touch and we’ll work our chocolate magic!